Sunday, April 24, 2016

Essential oils: Ignore the Hype!

I'm not here to tell you that Essential Oils will change your life and that you should replace your doctor with them. They will not revive you from the dead or make all of your illnesses go away. Sadly, a lot of fads that come around turn into pyramid schemes where people will tell you pretty much anything to get you to buy them. It's lovely that you're selling a great product that can be very useful, but when claims are made that don't always have the same results from person to person, people become upset and people talk. Now, I see Essential Oils being talked about on a regular basis and they are often referred to as impractical or silly. Luckily, this is not always the case. Here are some reasons why you should ignore the hype, get off social media (I don't count) and try Essential Oils if you haven't already.

1. They smell good. 

Um, hi, are you aware of all of the chemicals in perfume and what "musk" is actually made out of? Google it. If anything, Essential Oils smell good and you can feel good about putting them on your skin. Vegan? GOOD, try an EO instead of rubbing animal gland secretions all over your body. They also work lovely with an EO diffuser and make your whole room smell like whichever scent you desire. 

2. As long as they are food grade, you can ingest them. 

You can add a few drops into water and instantly have a tastier beverage. Thieves EO from Young Living has a cinnamon/clove taste and can be used as a breath freshener. Oh lavender, I will never forget the time I put too much of you in my lavender lemonade mix and fell asleep at my own dinner party.

3. They actually do have medicinal qualities.

They are made out of concentrated food and plants. Plants are medicine, food is thy medicine!

4. You can feel even more luxurious while bathing.

Everything will smell good for the entirety of your bathing while your skin is absorbing all of those little plant droplets. 

Here are a few oils I keep handy that have been really helpful for myself and others...

Lemon- Lemon for detox (great detoxifier) and the smell of lemon is very energizing.

Eucalyptus- You know when something smells so good you just want to eat it? This is it. I use this for when I have sinus congestion; just a little droplet in my hand and inhale. Eucalyptus is great for loosening up mucus. You can also put it in the Neti Pot or in your bath for a steam inhalation session.

Peppermint- Headaches. Rub onto area of discomfort and you will feel instant relief. It gives a cooling sensation and has honestly made quite a few of my headaches completely disappear.

Lavender- Lavender can be applied to your skin after a burn to help speed up healing and reduce scarring. I love the smell of lavender. It also makes me feel really sleepy.

Balsam Fir- One word; Christmas. I diffuse this constantly during the holiday season. Also helpful for sinus congestion.

Panaway- Panaway in an essential oil blend from Young Living that I add to my massage oils for pain relief. It's basically an all natural Icy Hot.

Oregano- Oregano is a natural antibiotic. I have cured sinus infections with this oil since regular antibiotics have deemed themselves unsuccessful due to the severity and frequency that I can't breath out of my nostrils. Take the oil, drop it in a capsule (look up measurements) and ingest. Do not put Oregano oil on your skin. I'm pretty sure I burned a piece of my face off thinking maybe it would help with my acne. Bad choice. Anyway, you should talk to your doctor (Naturopath, whatever) before messing around with this stuff; it's pretty powerful.

There are several other EO's that I use for making things smell good such as soaps, lotions and oils. If you want me to add an oil to your massage, just ask!